Changing lives by making exercise fun & addictive


Almost 3 years ago I attended my first Zumba class with Michelle. I wasn’t to know that that one impulse would change my life, body shape, happiness and inner confidence. Zumba once a week became twice and then Zumba Toning and Legs Bums and Tums. Fitness improved, weight began to shift and the toning made sure that my skin didn’t ‘sag’ – no Bingo Wings for me!!


It was with the introduction of Michelle’s Kettlercise class, that my body shape truly began to change. I had never thought about working with weights – always believing they led to bulky muscles; but I was wrong. Kettles have developed my muscles without bulking, sculpted my body and developed my abs to a degree I never imagined possible. Life has definitely changed!


I think about, whilst using, my abs throughout each day and every time I pull my ’belly button in to meet my spine’, life is easier regardless of what I’m doing, whether gardening, chopping wood, going for a walk or sitting at the computer.


Boot Camp was the jewel for me – Intensive Interval Training outdoors. Absolutely amazing!!  As a result I realised that I could run and this year have entered my first ever 10k races, including 3 Wolf Runs!

I would never have considered that I could achieve such fitness if it hadn’t been for Michelle!


Michelle motivated, encouraged and supported me all the way along this incredible journey. It has been hard at times but the challenges alongside the hilarious fun of classes, release those magic endorphins, which carry me though; that, and knowing I am burning calories for hours even if I am sat on the sofa!

I am so fortunate to have Michelle Waldron as my fitness guru!


With her I know classes will always be developing, new fitness opportunities always in the pipe line and classes will always be professionally run. What pulls all these elements together is Michelle’s sense of fun and humour, passion, inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm.


Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Helen Barrett

Extremely happy client



I joined  Michelle’s Boot Camp and Healthy Eating Programme with not a little scepticism.


I am 69 years of age and have battled with being overweight for many, many years. I have tried practically every diet known and have always gained the weight again when I stopped. UNTIL NOW.


I started cooking from Michelle’s recipes and was amazed to find myself actually taking an interest in all the food and preparations. I had never used half of the ingredients and found the combinations tasty and so light to eat. I use the Healthy Eating Recipes all the time now and have lost inches and pounds in weight.


So, I went to my first boot camp.!!!! Well, talk about a shock!! I huffed and I puffed and didn’t think I would be able to do even the star jumps, never mind the squats and running and bending and stretching and push-ups.

The incredible constant motivation from Michelle THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SESSION, and the fact that I wasn’t holding the other bootcampers back by going at my own pace, made me think, ‘Well, maybe I CAN do this.’


And so I have. I enjoy going to the bootcamp on Saturday mornings, I run, jump, squat, do push-ups with others, some 10, 20, 30 years my junior and I love it. I have gone down a whole dress size. My breathing has improved, my skin is healthy and I FEEL GOOD.


If only I had found Michelle years ago.

Thanks Michelle, you are a guiding light.

Andrea Ward-Eversley



I have been attending Michelle's classes for over 2 and half years now. I started with taking part once a week, as i had not exercised for many years and was unfit.


I found Zumba very energetic, lively, non stop pure fun and without realising I was working out!.

I now attend several classes a week including; Zumba, Zumba toning, Pilates, legs Bums and Tums and Kettlercise.


I absolutely love all the classes, Michelle is always enthusiastic and motivates the whole class. The routines are constantly changing and that alone keeps you on your toes!


I have just accomplished a new challenge by completing Michelle's 4 week Shellshocked Bootcamp class it was awesome. This has given me so many things to think about, including my eating habits and what challenge I want to do next.


When I started Nearly 3 years ago i was just under 12 stone and a size 16, I am happy to say I am now a much smaller 10 Stone 2lb and I feel so healthy, and the fittest I have been since I left school (back in the day).


Thank you Michelle for making me feel the way I do. You are such an inspiration and a bloody amazing person.

Kirstie Street



When I first joined Michelle’s Zumba class in July 2010, I was very overweight and had only just started to lose it. I had been power walking but this wasn't enough.

Michelle’s Zumba class was great, it was fun, energetic and hard work, boy do you break a sweat, but best of all it gave me an all over body workout which was just what I needed. I did find the classes and some, well most of the moves quite hard to do, due to being 5 stone overweight. Yet with Michelle’s encouragement and huge zest and energy I soon got the hang of it.

My weight started to drop off and soon those moves weren't quite as hard as before. I felt better and fitter and had even more energy. Michelle didn't just stand at the front taking the class, she noticed and encouraged me.

Now just over two years on, I have lost over 3 stone, have made a great friend with Michelle and also made lots of new friends from the Zumba class. With my ever declining size my fitness levels have increase and I now do Michelle’s Killercise, oops I mean Kettlercise class.

Michelle has been an excellent Zumba teacher, a great fitness instructor and a very good friend. I could not imagine doing this with anyone else and she has given me a zest for life and fitness, that I get withdrawal symptoms when I miss her class.

Michelle, I would like to say a big thank you for all you have done for me, your encouragement, support and laughs. I could never have got where I am today with you.

Sherron Guise



Its such pleasure being part of your classes , I enjoy it so much, I enjoy the laughter, meeting with old friends and making new and hopefully you would have recognised that I love the atmosphere, the music and dancing.  All of this has helped me lose my weight as well as making me feel alive; all the energy, good vibes and exercise feeds me with extra confidence. All of this has helped me find Who i am again and where i want to be and most importantly provides my body with the exercise it needs for a healthier life style. My 2 stone weight loss would not have happened if I had not found zumba, an exercise that I enjoy and can commit to each week; from a person who tried the gym and found it such an empty place even when it was full. Michelle, you have helped me turn my life around and I thank you so much for that.

Fiona Taylor



I've been going to Michelle's classes for about 18 months now, and feel so much better for it.


I have twins that are soon to turn 2 years old and since having them I have managed to lose 2 stone and tone up.
It's very addictive, my body feels much more toned now and if I miss a week I feel like everything wobbles!


It's a party every night only without the Vodka and the Hangover!

Jo Cumming



Zumba is not like anything else I have ever done, it is fun, fast, cool, hot and funky! Michelle is a great instructor, makes everyone give their best whatever your level of fitness. If you turn up at Zumba feeling a bit down I guarantee you will leave with a smile on your face and burn off loads of calories.....Zumbalicious.

Lynn Morris


I have been attending classes for about a year and I can honestly say that it has been one of the best years of my life & I can't thank you enough Michelle for the way you have inspired me & I have gained so much confidence just from attending! I love the variety you bring to each class as they are very different but still brilliant and your sense of humour is just fantastic - you never fail to make me laugh so thank you :)

Louisa Mann


I've been going to Michelle's classes for exactly 2 years now and I'm so addicted to them .  Her enthusiasm , energy and love of her job keeps me coming back for more . I try to be at 4 classes a week one of which being kettlercise . This class I believe has changed my body shape and strength by just one hour a week . The zumba classes too help me keep off my 4 stone weight loss . I love my fitness schedule now, I've never kept up any other kind of exercise for this length of time. Keep fit with Michelle is the place to be you'll come away smiling every time you've exercised.

Dee Young


Michelle you are such an inspiration and I don't think you know it. I have lost 3st 4lb and I owe it all to your fantastic classes. Keep going please because I have only really got where I am because I have a great teacher and have made some fantastic friends who keep me going. I am in a place "fitness" wise where I never thought I would be ever. I have come a long way but still have a way to go but with all your help I will get there and for that I will forever be in you debt xx

Debi Court



18 months ago I discovered Keep Fit With Michelle and my life changed. A corny line I admit, but one that is so true. Originally I joined Zumba for some dancing fun, but Michelle’s drive and passion for fitness and exercise, soon rubbed off and a class a week soon became two, then three and so on.


The more I went the more Michelle motivated me and as the weight began to shed and my body changed the desire to take that next step – from fun with fitness, to fitness with fun grew and when Michelle began Kettlercise classes I took up Kettlebells. Working with weights is something I had never even considered but, as with any fitness session with Michelle, the hard work and dedication demanded took me to the next stage of fitness, weight loss and body definition.


So here I am 18 months later 3½ stone lighter, three dress sizes smaller and at the age of 59 fitter, happier and healthier than I have ever been.

If you want to take control of your life, your health and your fitness then Michelle is certainly the person to work with. Her classes are fun, fast, demanding and ultimately rewarding!!


Michelle will support you all the way along your fitness journey. Her passion will inspire you, her energy will lift you and her humour and laughter will make you laugh even when you feel you can’t.

Thank you Michelle!!!

Helen Barrett



I've been going to Michelle's classes for nearly a year, i have so much more confidence now, its so FUN and energetic i've never felt healthier. Not only will you have an amazing time, you will loose weight, burn calories and make new friends... and build muscle:D. I've lost 1st 5lbs since i started, i'm so much happier:). Thank you Michelle XX.

Lizzie Hands


I love Michelle classes. Zumba is a great form of exercise. Michelle classes have great atmosphere. Loved the music and great dance routines. It's great to workout and loose weight in a party atmosphere. You don't feel like you working out as you would in a gym. Zumba is just FUN,FUN,FUN. I really enjoy kettlercise classes. It's very hard,but with great motivation from Michelle it's very rewarding and you can see the results very quickly. I looking forward to the new BOOT CAMP. Michelle is a great inspiration to me in every way. I never thought I will enjoy fitness classes. Michelle classes give me such a confidence. I love every minute of it. I liked to thank you Michelle for all the hard work and motivation you put in to all your classes.

Emilia Lanckova



Great classes michelle! I used to really hate exercise but i couldnt be without your classes now! The zumba is fun and the kettlecise is brilliant! Keep up the good work Mrs Waldron xxx :)

Tina Brice



love going to Michelle's classes as she makes them fun and you feel you're not exercising at all. She motivates you to do your best and to keep going. It's the first time ever that I actually do not like missing a class!

Judging by the numbers in Michelle's classes, it goes to show how good she is and how much we all love her!

Shilpa x



I started Zumba with Michelle in January 2011 as usual it was a new years resolution to get fit and lose weight.. Well it is honestly to first time I have kept my resolution going! I was hooked right from the first class.. I absolutely love it.. It is so much fun and Michelle is such a brilliant role model for everyone..
I have made so many new friends and have to say between Michelle and them have really helped me stay motivated..


I have had a lot of things going on over the last year and one of the things that kept me going was Zumba. it makes me feel so good when the session is over I go home feeling so pleased with myself for putting everything into it..
I have been to many keep fit classes over the years and nothing has ever come close to this.. I had given up putting it down to a passing phase I was going through..
I have achieved this and it's all down to one very special lady...she is remarkable women and deserves all the success in the world.. I have never met anyone as driven as she is.. I would like to say thank you for being such a fab instructor and friend to me over the last 2 years xxxxx

Michelle Kinrade



Since joining Keep Fit With Michelle I have lost just over a stone in weight in just over a year. Some people may think that that is not a lot but considering I don't diet I think it's pretty good. I have also lost nearly 6 inches from my waist which I think is really good.


I hate going to the gym and I have tried other classes like step and aerobics and I really didn't get on with them. Then I heard about Zumba and as I come from a dance background I thought why not give it a try and I am so glad i did. I absolutely love it. Not only do u get a good all over body work out but you sweat and i mean really sweat. Also with the legs, bums and tums class I can say it does what it says in the tin and although I may not ache straight after class I certainly do the day after.


All that’s left to say is Thank you Michelle for finally giving me something that I love doing and bring on the Shell Shocked Bootcamp.

Toni Jarrett


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