Changing lives by making exercise fun & addictive



A gentler low impact exercise class, tailored to suit anyone looking to get active or stay active in a sociable and supportive environment.


Age is just a number and anyone can benefit from the class. Participants are encouraged to work at the level that suits them and just enjoy the music and the class.


It is aimed at improving muscle and joint strength, aerobic health, cognitive skills and overall wellbeing. The class is set out to 60's and 70's music with the main emphasis on having fun and singing along to your favourites.


We use a variety of equipment such as dumbbells and resistance rings along with low impact aerobic exercises and standing core work. The music will lift your mood and improve your general fitness in an enjoyable way. This class is totally unique and won't be found anywhere else!


All equipment is provided for you and there are no floor exercises so mats are not required. Tea and coffee is available for free after the class.


Booking is very simple. Just register and book from here:


Come and meet like-minded people, make new friends and have some fun!



Benefits of exercise in later life:


1. Maintaining a healthy weight


From middle-age onwards, it seems that keeping our weight down becomes more and more difficult. Most of us blame this on a decreasing metabolism, but there is more to it than that. Your metabolism will indeed slow over the years, but mid-to-late-life weight gain is related more to us being less active.


2. Improving our thinking skills


When we talk about exercise, we often use the phrase 'get the blood pumping'. When we work out, we send blood to both our brains and the muscles we are using. Aerobic exercise improves cognitive thinking, and muscle training has a significant impact on our brain's ability to organise and plan.


3. Positively impacting our mental health


Another benefit of exercising in later life is the positive impact it has on our mental health. The chemical changes in our brain that take place when we exercise can change our mood. Not to mention that exercise can help boost self-esteem and self-confidence and allow us to connect with others, which has a positive impact on our mental health.


4. A great way to make friends


Last but by no means least, attending regular classes is a great way to make new friends, meet like-minded people or people that can positively challenge our thinking and make keeping fit even more enjoyable.


Every Friday 10.30-11.15am

Mappleborough Green Village Hall


£6.50 per class



* Booking is required *

Simply click on the link below, register and book your place.






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