Changing lives by making exercise fun & addictive



Start your weekend with a fitness and energy boost while strengthening your whole body!


You will swing, lunge and squat your way to a more toned body whilst improving your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The class is set out to highly motivating music that will give you a mood boosting lift.


Build Strength, Boost Stamina and Blast Your Metabolism


Kettlebells offer a different kind of training using dynamic movements which target almost every aspect of fitness, endurance, strength, balance, agility and cardio endurance. The beauty of the Kettlebell is it works many different muscle groups within a single workout. You take the workout at your own pace and (weight level) so it is perfect for any age and ability.


Kettlebell training requires you to hold the weight in one or both hands and go through a variety of swings, presses or pulling motions. Some movements have you changing the Kettlebell between hands - as the weight swings or as you move laterally, you are required to stabilise your body.


Kettlebell Training Results


• Improves your co-ordination and agility

• Improves your posture and alignment

• Expect your Kettlebell workout to incorporate cardio, strength, balance, stability, power and endurance

• Kettlebell exercises are weight bearing, which will help you increase bone density and keep you strong

• Simplicity. Kettlebell exercises are simple, the workouts are easy to follow and you only need one piece of equipment.


Leave feeling pumped with this seriously sweaty, highly effective full body workout.


The beauty of an early morning class is you still have the whole day left after your workout and will feel energised for the rest of the day.


Every Saturday

Mappleborough Green Village Hall



Kettlebells are provided



£6.50 per class



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