Changing lives by making exercise fun & addictive






They are filmed live from the private Facebook Group at the times on the timetable. They are also saved in the group to do when it suits you.


Clubbercise & Rockbox are live streamed through ZOOM and not recorded due to copyright music laws.








Once payment is received you can request to join the private Facebook group by clicking the link below.






DISCLAIMER - All exercise is conducted at your own risk


Please seek advice from a doctor if you are unsure of suitability for exercise. These exercises are not suitable for pregnant women. You are participating voluntarily, and you are entirely responsible for your own safety. 






Hi Michelle, excuse the sweaty face (I've just done another of your workouts) but had to send you this photo. I think I've actually managed to lose weight this last few weeks and you can "almost" see my abs! 



9,993 steps and 635 calories burnt - with banging music and a smile on my face the whole time (when I wasn’t singing along). You just cannot beat Rockbox and Clubbercise for an effective and fun workout. Omg its is absolutely brilliant! The difference you are making to peoples lives is immeasurable. I swear I would have gone completely insane by now if not for these online classes.


Just done Body Blitz this morning, loved it and got a proper sweat on. Its great to be able to do the workouts whanever I like!


Thank you Michelle for this group I love being able to pick which workout to do and loving getting my fitness mojo back.


So having torn my rotator cuff last August and after 3 months physio the medical profession gave up on me. At the age of 66 they told me I’d have to adapt to reduced mobility, my age was against me and probably a lot of the pain and restriction was due to arthritis. 
I was determined that I ain’t going to give up and carried on pushing myself 
BUT it was slow and I was in pain a lot of the time. 

Well after 4 weeks of Michelle's online classes I have NO pain and almost full mobility. This mornings stretch and flow class I know will have me back to full mobility. 

I can not THANK YOU enough Michelle. !!!!! You are AWESOME.

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 Absolutely loved RockBox! Now excited for Clubbercise - yay!! Sweating buckets!



I'm not going to be able to walk tomorrow...luckily I won't be going anywhere!! Thank you!!


Wow how I’ve missed H.I.I.T.  I loved that so much and full on sweat going on over here.



 Did Kettlercise last night and I can hardly move this morning!! Going to do Pilates now... Brilliant classes don't know what I'd do without them being trapped at home for 12 weeks!!


Just done my first ever Pilates class and I really enjoyed it. Thank you.



Fabulous work out though, just what I needed this morning THANK YOU. 

Keep on doing what you are doing!!


Well I never imagined I would find myself doing Clubbercise on my own at home on a Friday morning

ttps://"); background-repeat: no-repeat no-reIt has cheered me up no end - thanks Michelle.

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