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This course has brand new nutritional information with 14 days easy meal plans for you to follow.

  • 14 Day Meal Plans
  • 14 Day Home Workouts
  • Mindset and motivation videos to help you understand stress, hormones and sleep patterns
  • Meditation video’s to help reduce stress and improve wellbeing
  • Choice of live classes from my Class Timetable
  • Clean Eating Recipe book
  • Daily Support, Motivation and Recipe Ideas via Secret Facebook Group

Want to reach your weight loss goals but don't have much time?

Lose weight in 14 days with my new Sprinter progamme

It will re-set your metabolism, fire up your energy levels and give you the results you desire in only 14 days.




All the above on-line only without my live classes is £28.50





Prices for all the above plus 4 x classes from my timetable is £38.50




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Kick Start is about eating clean nutritious food without weighing or calorie counting. It is a simple Detox programme that eliminates inflammatory foods to promote inch loss, energy, well being and better sleep. You will be given a huge variety of easy to follow recipes that the whole family can enjoy. The recipes are quick and easy and you won't feel hungry on this plan.

When you sign up we all work in a secret facebook group where you can interact with me through the day. I provide you with all the support, information and coaching. I post your daily plans with meal ideas, recipes, shopping lists, plus daily home workouts that are totally suitable for beginners. You wont need any special equipment or lots of room. You will also get daily motivation and tons of information on exactly how Kick Start Fat Loss Works.


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So what happens next?

  • Once you sign up you go into my secret FaceBook group – This is where I post all of the information and workouts.
  • I support you every single day with daily videos, motivation and education on why we are doing things in a certain way.
  • We take things one day at a time and we make changes one day at a time.
  • There are no faddy foods its clean eating and you wont be hungry.
  • Every day you will be given your meal plan and easy to follow home workouts for you to do.
  • You may not realise it and think you currently eat “healthy” but you may be addicted to sugar. This could be the totally sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Fresh, good quality food is the key to crushing this addiction.

This is what some of my clients said after completing my latest 8 Week Summer Super Boost




I have loved the last 8 weeks, the KSFL way has allowed me to lose just over a stone. I have tried everything and with an under active thyroid nothing has worked until now. I've lost a total of 24.5 inches combined in all my measurements and that includes 4 inches off my waist! I've dropped 2 dress sizes. My fitness is 100% better too - I love Hiit! The KSFL banner says "feeling sluggish, bloated, tired all the time" and that was me. Not anymore though! I'm grateful to Michelle Waldron for the guidance and it's just the beginning!


I have lost 2" off my waist, 3" off my hips, 2" off my bust and 9lb in weight!!! I have loads more energy and am so pleased with these results - even though I haven't stuck to it 100% which shows that it is ok to still live life on the plan!
Thanks to the group for your support & feedback and a huge thank you to Michelle - I don't think you realise how much you help us in the classes ... you are awesome.




This is my second KSFL with Michelle and over the last nine months I have lost over 2 stone and 27 inches. I feel so much better, motivaed and fitter then ever.


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Just the fact that we were not checking our scales and our weight loss being announced really made it for me, no stress of coming to the meeting and feeling ashamed. The beauty of it for me was that it was built all around health and well-being instead of sizes.






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